My artwork is bold, loose, and free. My standards for quality are not! 


If you’ve ever seen or purchased one of my prints, you know how vibrant and true to the original they look. You can see the brushstrokes across the weave of the textured, cotton canvas paper… in fact, most people mistake them for originals, if I may brag!

We have spent years here at the Studio fine-tuning our processes to guarantee the *MOST* gorgeous prints we can offer, which has led to a LOT of discards in the print pile. If the artwork is not perfectly square, true to size, or just didn’t make it into the collection, we don’t ship it. So… our drawer of “seconds” has grown pretty full.

The image quality is identical to my standard giclée prints (AKA perfect) but the prints in this collection are irregularly sized. You see… my trusty printer - lovingly named Seymour - is a true master of color, but sometimes gets his dimensions confused so we have some odd sized prints in house.

Size variations may be as slight as ⅛” up to to ¾” from the intended size. With a crisp new mat or an elegant frame, no one would be the wiser.  In some cases, the print is true to size but didn’t make the cut… what were we thinking?   

Take a look at this fabulous motley crew of artwork and remember to embrace the imperfection in each day, my friends. 

Thank you for understanding that All Sales from this collection are Final.

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