Beach Umbrella Gallery Wall

Choosing the right pieces for an eye-catching gallery wall can be tough work. That’s why we pre-assembled this “beach umbrella” gallery grouping—it takes out the guesswork of getting a great combination together. From our mix-and-match Eternal Summer collection, this grouping was specifically curated with size, color, and style in mind, so all you need to do is hang it on a lonely wall.

These summer themed umbrellas will give you a wonderful pop of color to your home and are perfect for a gallery wall. They say once you get sand in your shoes, you can never get it out again. This series is inspired by my childhood memories of long sunny days spent on the beaches of South Carolina, sun on my back as I dashed from ocean to sand and back again.

Price is marked 25% off of the cost of purchasing each print separately!

You will receive the following prints on archival fine art paper:

12x16" Toes In The Sand print

8x10" Beach Blues 2

6x6" Tropical Fruit 2

6x6" Tropical Fruit 4

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