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a monthly membership for education, mentorship, and community

Art Education

You have a story to tell, but you just need the tools.

It’s time to invest in yourself and your art. Learn how to bring your beauty into the world because the world needs your story now more than ever.

Start or continue your journey as an artist with the building blocks, tools, resources and support you need.


Because it’s not about competition, it’s about community

No matter where you are in your artistic path, we’re here to nourish your curiosity, inspire you to dig deep, and help you find the artist you are meant to be


Let experience be your guide.

Learn and collect wisdom from those who have walked the path before you.

Relax into your desire to learn, grow, and find your voice under the guidance of an experienced artist. You will be able to transition from having to think through your paintings to painting and creating with intuition and spontaneity.

Meet Your Instructor

Shelby Dillon, Owner at Shelby Dillon Studio

One of my greatest joys is watching people discover their inner creative maven and THRIVE. I have grown my own creative practice from a hobby, to a side-hustle, to a profitable full-time business that also allows immense time for play and exploration. You deserve to embrace JOY and bring it into your everyday life.

It's your turn to THRIVE

  1. Have you spent your life giving to others?
  2. Are you facing burnout from the demands of life?
  3. Do you have big dreams, but keep putting them off for the everyday?
  4. Are you currently creating but feel stagnant in your work?
  5. Are you struggling to find your voice or “style” as an artist?


I’ve been there! After more than a decade of curiosity, learning, growth, burnout, and general life, I’ve built a highly fulfilling studio practice that allows me time to focus on the things that matter.

Inside the Creative Circle we get into real, practical education, honest advice, and realistic applications to help your creative practice take off and THRIVE.


To give you the practical building blocks to create the art that you want


Get an exclusive look into my techniques, processes, life lessons and vision


When we work together, we grow faster together


Make real, live steps towards your goal as a creative

We cover all you need to find your creative voice

So what can I find inside

The Creative Circle?

  • INSTANT ACCESS to 24 months of learning
  • A PRIVATE Facebook Community to interact with other creatives
  • An EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes peek into the world of a professional artist

- PLUS -

  • Supplies - where you invest and where to save money
  • Track and level up your growth with journaling
  • Mixing Brilliant Colors
  • How to master neutrals
  • Understanding value
  • How to make your brushes dance
  • Video demonstrations of full paintings

Creating from your heart is vulnerable. The Creative Circle is a safe space - our inner circle.

We are there for each other, and show up as real, vulnerable, honest people that support one another. You will see me when I am excited, and I will be there to cheer your successes, and coach you through challenges, but you will also see me when I have given it everything I have and am spent. That’s where the true beauty lies, in our gentle support and kindness to one another.

Don't take it from me...

Here's what some of our current members have to say:

 I never had formal training (except classes here and there) so learning from the ground up is so incredible for me….it excites me to learn more, paint more, see more. Thank you Shelby!! - Signe M.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to this new growth in art! It took a little to convince myself to take the leap but it’s for me, from me. It’s a good thing to focus on in many ways. - Su B.

Love watching you start. Very helpful. You break down something intimidating and make it simple and understandable. Art of a good teacher. - Shelley W.

This course has been such an amazing motivator! I have really appreciated the way you have broken things down and your positivity! - Brandi L.

- Weekly Content -


Skill Builder


Painting Demonstration


Live Q&A and Discussion




The Creative Circle is a monthly membership for curious souls looking to enrich their lives and explore the possibilities and gratification of a lifelong artistic practice. This membership is going to transform your creative skillset and level up your abilities by delivering monthly education content, a community of curious, empathetic, supportive creatives, and a monthly video Q&A (or happy hour!) with me (Shelby Dillon).


We created The Creative Circle to guide you in becoming the artist YOU have always wanted to be.

Painting Lessons

With new videos each month, expect to learn new skills and apply them toward different subject matter to expand your practice. We cover a wide range of subjects so that you can try all kinds of different techniques!

Here are some of the project demonstrations you can expect each month:

Monthly Lessons & Education

It is designed to equip you with the building blocks of art and exercises centered around a monthly theme.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or are getting back to basics, we will help you grow creatively by offering fundamentals and demonstrating how to apply them to your practice. We hope you’ll find it’s much easier to thrive and take risks when you have a basis established.

Painting Demonstrations

Wouldn’t it be amazing to really develop your own style? Every month, Shelby has a full-length painting demonstration for you to follow from start to finish. From mixing colors, to how to setup your composition, you get a full tutorial.


Have you ever wondered how the pros do it? How do we stay inspired? How do we keep on creating? How do we juggle life and the business side of things?

It’s not often that someone is willing to pull back the curtain and let you know what they’re working on, challenged by, and wrestling with… but I am!


Enrollment opens October 2021

You've come to the right place if you....

  1. Have always wanted to create. You’re inspired by other artists and want to express yourself too.
  2. You have a creative goal in mind but aren’t sure how to get there.
  3. You are finally in a space or have the time to fulfill yourself and explore all of your creative potential.
  4. You are either just starting on this journey or you are ready to take it to the next level. You’d like to refine your technique or find your voice and grow into a unique creative presence.
  5. You are ready for real progress. You have been taking classes, dabbling, trying things for a long time, but feel like you haven’t had the progress you seek.
  6. You are yearning for a community of like-minded souls. You want a deeper connection, to actually make real life-changing connections with a shared interest in art.
  7. You have spent a lot of time doing what you “need” to do, and you are finally ready to enrich your life and do something purely for yourself.
  8. You want to bring more beauty into this world.
  9. You’d love to spread joy and tell your story, your view of the world, and the beautiful person that you are.
  10. Your heart comes from a place of abundance. You want to do better and enrich your life and share your gifts and help others as you progress.

Do these statements strike a cord in your heart?

If this sings to your soul, you are in the right place!

Learn, Grow, and Thrive

Join a supportive group of creatives to strengthen your skills and find community

You can join with a monthly or yearly enrollment

Cancel at any time (we think you'll like it here)


$32 subscription


$320 (17% savings)*

*there are no refunds on annual memberships


Enrollment opens only twice a year!


Who can join?

The short answer: ANYONE! The Creative Circle is a monthly membership for curious souls looking to enrich their lives and explore the possibilities and gratification of a lifelong artistic practice.

Whether you are a true beginner just starting out in your creative practice, someone who has painted before but may be a little rusty, or an artist who is looking to level-up in their skills and find your artistic style, the Creative Circle has resources to support you.

Is there a schedule for monthly content?

The Creative Circle has a monthly theme that we will explore over four (4) weeks. You can view the syllabus here


Week 1: Skill Builder - an exercise to develop or revisit a fundamental piece of your creative practice

Week 2: Painting Demonstration - Shelby shows you how to apply the month’s skills

Week 3: Live Q&A - chat with Shelby and your fellow Circle members via Zoom

Week 4: Fireside Chat or Creative Challenge - hear from your fellow members or other professional artists about their journey, or put your skills to the test with a fun exercise!

Can I cancel at any time?

Membership is month-to-month, so you may cancel at any time. Should you have to cancel, we can discontinue membership but are unable to refund any months already paid. You will have access to the course materials through the end of the month paid.

There are no refunds on annual memberships.

Do I have to have Facebook to join?

Facebook is not required to join the reactive Circle, but will serve as the central meeting place where you can share your progress, seek feedback from your fellow creatives, and participate in our Live Q&A sessions. All of the Live videos will be recorded so don’t fret if you can’t make it!

When can I join?

There will be periodic enrollment periods when you can join the Creative Circle. The next time it will be available is April 2022. Be sure to sign up for our waitlist so you don’t miss the next opportunity!

How is the content delivered?

We have a beautifully designed, dedicated website with course content, including video demonstrations, instruction packets, and resources to help you learn and thrive. The Creative Circle (private) Facebook group is your place to share your progress, seek feedback from your fellow creatives, and participate in our Live Q&A sessions. Your participation is self-paced, so don’t worry about missing out - it will all be there when you are ready.

May I purchase this membership as a gift?


Is there a live class each week?

This will be a self-paced class with a combination of recorded video demonstrations, PDF instruction packets, and live sessions to answer your questions.

Is the live chat available only during the class?

The Live chats are your opportunity to work with me and your peers through your individual painting challenges. There is still plenty of learning and feedback available if you miss them though - we will have a Facebook community where everyone can support each other and we will be checking in regularly to answer questions and provide guidance. Each module will have a comment section as well, where specific questions are addressed

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