Improve your painting practice with video lessons, helpful resources, and a supportive community of creatives just like you.

Shelby Dillon hosts live painting experiences a couple of times per year in our Facebook group, Learn, Paint Grow. If you missed the live workshop, you can still follow along on your own time with access for one full year. Materials include videos, color recipes, reference photos, and helpful tips to grow as a painter. All levels welcome!

Registration for our newest workshop is now open

Join us April 13th - 15th for this live painting experience when we will paint some sassy seagulls!

Sassy Seagull Workshop

This 3-part mini workshop was held live in October 2020.

Paint along to create a fun cow and learn the foundations of COLOR

4-part video series that originally aired in July 2020. This

workshop focused on composition, color blocking, and working BIG!

This 3-part workshop was held live in January 2021.

Paint along to create a flowing seascape and learn the foundations of composition and color.

Seascape Workshop

If you haven't yet joined our Facebook group, Learn, Paint Grow, be sure to do so! This brilliant community of creatives are here to cheer you on, offer helpful feedback, and support you in your journey. Many of them have completed these workshops, so you can show off your work to your peers here.

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Are you looking for more? The Creative Circle is our monthly membership group designed to help you THRIVE as a painter. With new skill builders, painting demonstrations, challenges, and live Q&A's every month, the Creative Circle will help you level-up and continually improve in your creative practice.

Registration only opens a few times per year, so sign up for the Waitlist to be the first to learn about the next one!

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