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Brunch is the best meal to host your busy girlfriends since there is a lot more flexibility than at a Friday or Saturday dinner. It can last as long or as short as you like. Just relax and enjoy the freedom of brunch. Most of the time, your friends will have plans for later on and won’t stay all day, but occasionally they’ll have nothing to do, and some of our best brunches have lasted until dinner time, blurring the lines between definitions of meals. Does it then become Linner? Dunch? On the other hand, if you have plans for this afternoon, everyone will understand.

No matter what time you wake up, brunch doesn’t have to be a huge fuss. We figured out how to do a beautiful, fun brunch with no more than an hour or so of work.

brunch time


On this beautiful sunny morning, I prepared brunch for my three girlfriends and we have a wonderful time together.

As you can see on photos Meagan, Kelsey, and Tiffany beautified this brunch with their smiles.

Brunch with girlfriends

Our menu was:


Fresh fruit medley

Yogurt parfait

fresh fruits


Mini pancakes

Spinach Quiche

mini  pancakes


Lemon tart

lemon tart


Those mixes of tastes of watermelons, blackberries, yogurt, lemon and spinach were rounded with drinks from our Mimosa bar.

mimosa bar

If you prefer water I suggest San Pellegrino and for those who prefer something little bit stronger Ruffino rose is an excellent choice.

Enjoy your brunch!

 brunch 01

brunch 02

brunch 03

girlfriends brunch



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