Easy, No-Cut DIY Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween

Easy, No-Cut DIY Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween

October 17, 2016

DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Do you want a Halloween display so easy that a 3-year-old could do it? 

Seriously. That easy. Here's the proof:

Painting Pumpkins for Halloween

My daughter Rory decided she wanted Pink and Green pumpkins for Halloween. Me, wanting to have a beautiful display for the house, felt torn. Do I have a beautifully painted display that nobody can touch and takes a million hours to produce? Nah. Let's have a lot of fun with some paint and make something everyone can enjoy. And enjoy it we did - Rory painted her three pumpkins over the course of several days while mom made dinner. She was entertained and I got to get things done - brilliant!

Here's what you need:

  1. At least six pumpkins - try to get wide, squat ones that will stack better
  2. A plastic planter from Home Depot
  3. Leaves, spanish moss, or some other "extra" to add a little touch of langiappe 
  4. Sand
  5. Crafting paint

So, first, wash your pumpkins and pat dry.

Then, paint your pumpkins:

Applying Paint to Pumpkins

I wasn't going for anything particularly perfect. I wanted big, fun polka dots for my pink and green. And white pumpkins do show scars and marks, so I made sure to have the dots cover those parts as much as possible. The part that is always dirty because the pumpkin sits on the ground I had turned towards the house so nobody would see. ;) You can do stripes, spots, chevron, whatever your heart desires.

Once the pumpkins are all painted and dry - this took several days because the paint was pretty thin, take them outside and get your plastic planter and fill it with sand.

Plastic Planter with Sand

Place some of your spanish moss, leaves, or other langiappe around the edges of the sand:

Spanish Moss in Planter with Sand

Then smoosh the pumpkin really well down into the sand. The sand will help stabilize the pumpkin so that it doesn't shift or fall and can help balance the other pumpkins on top.

Then, place some spanish moss in between each of the layers as you stack the pumpkins:

Easy No-Cut Pumpkin Topiary for Halloween

Easy peasy!

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