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Thailand has and always will be a tourist haven but did you know that it has inspired artists from across the globe as well? The northern Thai capital Chiang Mai, in particular, is the main inspiration behind our new collection.

The inspiration behind the new product line…

Nestled in the middle of lush and forested foothills, Chiang Mai is steeped in history and is much older than it seems at first glance. Most of the income its people generated in the past came exclusively from teak that was hauled with the help of elephants. These majestic animals are a staple sight in the city and the country as well which is why we have featured them in the new product line.

The city is quite calm and laid back but it is filled with artistic inspirations wherever you turn. Whether it’s a woman selling colorful wares by the roadside, a crowded and vibrant marketplace or a vendor selling fresh vegetables and fruits – the city boasts a bustling lifestyle that artists love. This is a place to relax, gorge on delicious and exotic food and just let the troubles of the world slip away.

Large elephant - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Strolling through the hidden but charming backstreets of Chiang Mai is more than enough for this. Doing so is to discover a part of Thailand that still holds onto its historic roots with an attitude and atmosphere that seems otherworldly. That is really what I tried to capture in the new Chiang Mai collection of home decor and accessories.

The monasteries are breathtaking year round and for good reason. The architecture is majestic and boasts a range of styles, shapes and colors that draw the eye. Even though many of them have been filled-in now with homes and hotels, they still hold onto their beauty and grace. In fact, the color palette used in the new collection was picked specifically to capture that calm. Light greens, russet browns, pale blues among other soothing colors make up the products that will be available on the website soon.

Chiang Mai’s residential sector is not the main thing that draws visitors in droves to the city. Just drive straight in any direction and it won’t be long before you find yourself amidst its lush countryside which is well known by artists and craftsmen alike. The pristine rainforest reserves are a must visit for those who love to be surrounded by unspoilt nature and churning waterfalls whose waters are cool to the touch. 

Playful bath

The peaceful countryside villages are a sight to behold and add pops of color and culture where they nestle among the greenery. Just a stroll through the souvenir markets is enough to provide a ton of décor ideas and designs and which have been incorporated in the collection that will be launched soon.

The prints are designed to pay homage to the lush flora and fauna that the city is well known for. These are mostly shades of green, white and floral hues that can add a spot of refreshing color to any setting. This is why I have tried to incorporate elements that are purely Thai such as palm trees, strolling elephants and design patterns that are purely Chiang Mai. 

We also know that people usually prefer a wider palette when it comes to home décor. That’s why the collection also boasts shades of pink, lilac, beige, taupe and white that my clients appreciate. Besides throw pillows and cushions, the collection also boasts Shelby Dillon originals such as makeup bags and exclusive art prints that you might not find anywhere else.  These are decorated with colors that are exclusive to Chiang Mai and in patterns that can appeal to homeowners and interior designers alike.

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