Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Traveler

November 16, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Do you know someone that seems to alway be on the go and traveling? Do they have a serious case of wanderlust and tend to come back with fabulous stories and photos? What kind of gift do you get for the person that seems to only want an experience and not stuff? It's a tough question, but we have you covered with our gift guide for the traveler below:
Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for the Traveler by shelbydillonstudio featuring bar tools
      1. The Ollo Clip: This super fantastic 4 in 1 lens is the perfect gift for the traveler that seems to have it all. It is a clip that you can put on your iPhone to turn the camera into a Fish-eye, Wide-angle, or Macro lens. It is super light weight as well, so your traveler will love it.
      2. Art print by Lily and Val: If you know of someone with a serious case of wanderlust, give them something to deal with the time in between adventures with this fun art print by Lily and Val.
      3. Luxe City Guides: We discovered these really awesome city guides when we lived in Singapore. They are small, but mighty. Packed with loads of info and unique, bespoke adventures, these guides have some of the best restaurant recommendations, hands down. No more eating where the giant tour groups eat! Unless you are in Asia, these guides are only available online.
      4. Travel Coffee Mug: Let's face it, even with a true sense of adventure, sometimes jetlag gets the best of us. That's when having a handy dandy travel coffee mug can save the day. This great one from Sweetwater Decor is perfect for those sluggish mornings.
      5. Gin and Tonic Cocktail Carry-on Kit: You know those 3oz bottles you can carry on? What if you had one that made the perfect G+T for your long flight? Well, check out this kit for the person you know has long flights ahead.
      6. Mobile Foodie Travel Kit: Do you know someone that always has to add extra flavor to their food? This mobile spice kit is a great way to do it.
      7. Universal travel adapter with USB plugs: Nothing beats a good travel adapter, especially one that can adapt to ANYTHING. And with all the gadgetry that needs a USB adapter, it definitely helps to have it all integrated into one little brick. 
      8. Travel Journal: A good travel journal is essential to any serious traveler. This inspirational one from Inkwell Press will help your traveler record all their most memorable experiences to remember later.
      9. Makeup Bag: A girl can never have too many little bags when traveling. Our fun cosmetic bags help keep things from getting lost in the black hole of your bag. If you transition from larger to smaller day bags, you can keep your essentials in here so they don't get left behind! The smaller makeup bags are great for currency, passports, and small cords. The larger cosmetic bags can hold guides, journals, pens, toiletries, makeup, pretty much anything!

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