Holiday Gift Guide - Best Journals and Supplies

Holiday Gift Guide - Best Journals and Supplies

November 30, 2016

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have any more journals. No, seriously, I'm not. At least not until I work through my current (oversupply) of journals and notebooks. It came from living overseas and not having access to buy one easily. I came home on home leave a couple times and went a little bonkers. One of the rules of being an expat is "If you like something, buy it right then because you never know if you'll be able to get it again. If you really like it, buy 10." Ha! In any case, here are some really fun journals and journaling accessories for the creative in your life that love to write down their thoughts and dreams.Best Journals

  1. Life the Life You've Imagined - available on Amazon, this journal by Katie Daisy will inspire the wildflower in your life to jot down her hopes and dreams.
  2. Box of Washi Tape - Do you have a friend that loves to decorate their planner and journal? This box of washi tape is perfect to help them release their colorful ideas.
  3. Hand Sewn Journal by Inkwell Press - This slimline hand sewn journal is great for someone that is on the go and needs to pack light. And with this quote by Helen Keller on the cover, they will be inspired to open it up time and again.
  4. Colorful pens - Every serious planner and journaler can use a little color in their life, right? Get that woman a set of 30 colors to swoon over as she writes down her dreams and wishes.
  5. Makeup bag by Shelby Dillon Studio - Wait, what? Well you need somewhere to put all that washi tape and pens for when you're on the go. A cosmetic bag is a great way to hold and organize all those things.
  6. The Day Dreamer Journal by Thimblepress - This notebook is the perfect companion to the woman that likes to look back on what she was doing day-to-day. Filled with art prints by Kristen Ley, there is plenty to inspire her as she goes through her daily routine.
  7. Moleskine Art Journals - Did you know Moleskine had a marketplace where you could buy journals that had been re-designed by different artists? There are so many beautiful options out there! How will you ever pick?
  8. Moleskine Journal - This good, classic design is great for someone that likes to chart their own path. The moleskine journals are available in several colors and can be personalized with your name to really make the journal your own.
  9. Travel Journal by Rifle Paper Company - This travel journal is great for the person you know that has a serious case of wanderlust and like to document their adventures. It will help them remember where and what they did as they galavant across the world.  

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