Holiday Prep - Gift Wrap Ideas and Free Printable Tags

December 12, 2016

Holiday Prep - Gift Wrap Ideas and Free Printable Tags

Beautifully wrapped gifts can really help dress up your Christmas decorations for your home. That elegant style is within your reach, believe it or not. My first job as a teenager was as a gift wrapper at a local boutique one holiday season. This was the place I learned how to make the present wrapped under the tree be as beautiful as the meaning and thought that went behind them. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas to make your presents looked like they were wrapped by a professional. It is amazing what you can do with a simple wrapping paper and beautiful bow. Click here to get your free printable gift tags!

Red and White Theme Gift Wrap

  1. Pick a theme. Are you going with icicles and snow? Pick blue and silver. Do you want something warmer? Try red and gold. Candy canes? Red and white works great! If you pick 1-2 main colors and pick coordinating wrapping paper and ribbon, you will have a beautiful decoration under your tree. 
  2. Get some good, thick wrapping paper. TJ Maxx has some double thick wrapping paper rolls with many yards on it that aren't too expensive. A thick paper is easier to manipulate and crease and holds its shape the best. Craft paper is another great choice for wrapping. Plus you can adorn it so easily!Craft Paper Gift Wrap
  3. Double sided tape: it's one of the secrets professionals use. 
  4. Wired ribbon: It's all about the Bow baby! This is the quickest, easiest way to dress up a gift and make it elegant. Big Bow Gift Wrap
  5. Sharp scissors: nothing is worse than dull scissors that get snagged on wrapping paper and rip the paper. Make sure you have a nice sharp pair of shears.Add small details to gift wrap
  6. Bits and bobs: You can decorate your gifts with little extra swag to dress them up a bit. It really doesn't take much. Try small pinecones, greenery, holly, berries, or even candy canes. Beautiful Gift Wrap
Free Gift Wrap Tips

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