A Simple Fix for an Overworked Painting

A Simple Fix for an Overworked Painting

April 21, 2020

Painting is a practice. Just like anything else, there will be days when you feel awesome and the composition is a shining reflection of that. Other times, it can feel like nothing is working out right.

Have you ever worked a painting so much that it ends up looking like mud, or find a section where the brushwork is too rigid and awkward? Just because you don’t like part of a painting doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the whole thing!

In this second post in a series on how to fix a painting, we discuss how you can hit the 'redo' button to change a particular section that may not be working for you.

In the painting above, the background set the stage nicely, but the waterway in the foreground wasn't singing in harmony with the rest of the scene.

If you are generally satisfied with your painting and there are parts that you like but others but one area that you want to change, don't despair- there is a simple way to fix that!

You should have some gesso on hand for preparing your surfaces, whether you prefer canvas, wood panel, or recycled materials.

To change the area you want to fix, all you have to do is cover it with gesso. If you have a thick buildup of paint, I recommend that you sand it down first to get rid of any major ridges. Once the gesso dries, add a ground color over it- a thin layer to tone the area. After the ground is dry, you are ready re-work the painting until you love it. 

Watch as I hit the 'redo' button on this painting.



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