Ideas for destination wedding gifts you can give

Ideas for destination wedding gifts you can give

March 08, 2017

Something new, something untraditional... 

The sight of two people deeply in love committing their lives to one another can make anyone teary eyed.  Know what else can make those waterworks flow? Bulky wedding gifts that the happy couple will have to figure out how to pack in their limited baggage allowance. 

That’s the tricky thing about destination weddings but there is a way around it. Many couples are now opting for breathtaking options to make memories. So naturally, as their guest, you have to follow suit but that means you have to re-think that toaster you were getting them. 

Couples arrange these exclusive intimate gatherings with their closest friends and family to extend their love and affection to their loved ones which means you should give them gifts to match the exotic location.

bride and groom kissing on the beach

Chances are your bride and groom will register the presents they hope to receive from their friends along with an address where you can send yours. Plus, you can send a gift as soon as you receive an invite whether you can attend or not. If that is the case, then ordering online will do is and easier too since you will have a range of choices to choose from. Following are some fantastic wedding destination gifts you can choose for the lucky couple:

Beach bags or tote bags

If the couple plans on having a honeymoon right after their destination wedding, then they will thank you profusely for this gift. Even if they don’t plan on going to the beach they will need it for small items which they don’t want to place in their luggage. Get the bags embossed with their initials or have a special message written on there to make that gift extra special. 

Personalized bags

A blushing bride has many odds and ends that are necessary to get through both the wedding festivities and the honeymoon afterwards. Help her out by getting her her very own personalized cosmetic bag complete with her name and initials. This small token will mean the world to her when she needs more space for her sunscreen or negligee.


Choose the right size according to the products she has to ensure that is all she needs for her makeup. In fact, get a couple in different sizes and designs if you are not sure which ones will suit her needs. That way, she will be spoiled for choice. A pocket or purse-friendly makeup bag will also be ideal since it can fit in almost any bag and look fantastic even if it is taken solo for an evening out.

Printed coasters

Of course, the couple will be expecting some gifts they can use to start their new life together. Help them out by giving them a gift that will help them throw a wonderful soiree with friends once they return from their adventures. 

Printed coasters that they can use to place their drinks on are ideal. You can peek at their wedding registry to see their taste and then order accordingly. 

glasses of champaigne

Personalized serving trays

Breakfast in bed may be a staple for the happy and in-love couple and what better way to do that than with personalized serving trays. These come with original artwork so you can rest assured that you will be giving a truly unique gift to the happy couple. Have the design on the trays customized or have a monogram stamped on it of your choosing to make the trays stand out. The serving trays can also be used to serve guests, decorate a killer bar cart, or even hold a court at the center of a coffee table.

Bottom line…

wedding decoration

To be honest, if you were invited to a destination wedding, you already know the couple very well. Just keep in mind small baggage allowances and it never hurts to ask the bride and groom what would make them most excited to receive.


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