Office Space Brainstorming

November 02, 2016

Office Space Brainstorming

My studio is currently a wreck. As we have received more and more boxes, I haven't had a chance to really get handle on where to put things. I had this really cool big, massively heavy desk that I was using in Brazil, but it just really isn't my style. There was something lost in translation when I told him I wanted more color on the distressed finish, and it looks sort of like polka dots. At least it was super awesome for storing paint. Oh well, my bad:

Studio Desk Photo

So, I've been taking to the internet and Pinterest in order to come up with some inspiration for how I am going to decorate my office now. I have to keep the walls white (bleck) because it is a rental, so I'm really trying to figure out other ways to have it still reflect my style and personality. 

Here is my current mood board and what I'm thinking: 

Home Office Inspiration

Home Office Inspiration by shelbydillon featuring pull knobs
I have this amazing, incredible aqua armoire that I got when we were in Singapore. It was originally meant to go into my daughter's room, but I really honestly couldn't part with it. My excuse is that the door knobs are big people height, so she can have it when she's a teenager, ha!
So I basically had to plan the whole room around this armoire. Enter in a turquoise rug to help pull some of those colors out  and share the love around the room. Since it will basically live under my easel and get lots of paint on it, I don't want to spend a ton of money. I'm thinking something like this from 
Okay, so that's the turquoise part of the deal. Next are the actual cabinet colors. 

Taupe and Color Love

I have been absolutely loving the cabinetry that I've been seeing in Kitchens of late. I love the contrast between the hardware and the paint colors. And I have especially been totally in love with cup pulls for drawers. 
And taupe instead of gray. The grays I've been seeing that are so popular are really cool, but it's just that, they're super cool. I wanted to have a little more warmth, so I decided on a taupe with copper hardware. I think they'll keep the aqua from getting too cold and help add some tones and not have everything be the impersonal beige color all rentals are painting in with that white trim, ha!
So what do y'all think? Let me know!

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