Sideboard Goes from Drab to Fab Part II

Sideboard Goes from Drab to Fab Part II

October 24, 2016

Alright! I hope y'all had a great weekend, as we are getting down to work on turning this mid-century sideboard into a swoon-worthy statement piece.  

Okay, back when we left this sideboard, it had been sanded by my husband. So, last time I told you to remove ALL of the hardware. Did I? Nope. And I came to regret it. Anyways, I used Rustoleum gold on all the hardware and the legs of the sideboard. I recommend you tape off the parts you don't want gold.

Removed Hardware for Sideboard

So gold!

And now here is where I thought that the two-in-one paint was for real, and decided it would be okay to use the primer/topcoat/all-in-one. Mmmm. Well, not so much. Okay coverage, but I really still needed a primer. It really doesn't do it in one coat. Apply with the smoothest roller you can find and get the corners with the foam paintbrushes to avoid brush strokes.

Sideboard without Doors removed

As you are applying paint, you should have already removed the hardware. Remember me saying that? Yup. Remember how I didn't? Yup. It turned into a huge PITA to not remove the doors and hardware. So much for being lazy.

Paint drips on sideboard

Ah-ha! Doors are off, this is SO much easier. So much. 

Sideboard with doors removed

After the first coat that didn't cover (or give as much gloss) as I wanted, I cut the remaining layers by 50% with a water-based polyurethane. This gave it a bit more gloss, and made the paint dry super fast. It was almost fully dry within a half hour. Also remember to sand each layer to help get as much texture out as possible. 

Doors to sideboard

Isn't it easier to paint the doors when they're not attached with a bazillion corners?

So after you are done painting - I did probably 3 layers total, put all the hardware back on, and you are done! Enjoy the results, I know I am going to love my #lifeinfullcolor sideboard. I am currently loving green, if you can't tell by the Palm Tree Prints I have hanging behind the table - available in our shop, of course! ;)

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Green Sideboard DIY PaintGreen sideboard detailGreen Sideboard with lamps and artwork by shelby dillon studioDetail of sideboard by shelby dillon studio

Full room view of sideboard diy paint

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