What Size Art Do I Need?

What Size Art Do I Need?

August 19, 2020


Bigger is not always better with art

I'm so guilty of this. You see fine art that you love, you eyeball it, and once you get home you realize it's way too big. It's tough to know how large of a piece of art you need. What size frame do you need for the art? Do you need more than one piece of art for a space?


I get it, all the choices can be confusing. Luckily, we have some easy guidelines to follow so that you can make your space beautiful.

And at any time, you can shop our new print collection here.

Choosing Fine Art Print Sizes

What is the Scale of the Space?

Are you looking for a space over a couch or smaller space over a side table? Whatever the art is, you generally don't want it to be bigger than the object below. 

If you would like to hang fine art over a 2'-3' sideboard or coffee table, a 16"x20" or 18"x24" piece looks great. 

A couch is bigger, so it would need something larger, either a 24"x36" piece, or multiple pieces that would take up a similar amount of space. (Like two 18"x24" prints, for example.)

If you have a small side table, or a shelf 8x10" and 11x14" pieces are the solution for this size.

Keep in mind that frames usually add 2-4" inches to the overall dimensions, and you can also mat work to make it appear larger. So you can put an 8"x10" print into a 16"x20" frame and have it look very chic.

Our new release of landscape prints is available in sizes from 8x10 up to 24x36 to fit any size you need for your home.

Frame Sizes Available

When in doubt, go smaller.

Bet you weren't expecting this response, were you? Like I said, bigger isn't always better. If you are ever on the fence and unsure of what size to get, remember it is always better to get something smaller than larger. 

If you get something smaller, and you need it to fill up more space, there are creative ways to frame things, like adding an extra thick mat or a frame with a wider molding. Or, you can always get multiple pieces and fun with a gallery wall. When the art is too big, it's tough to make it work. The new print collection is the perfect chance to assemble a beautiful gallery wall full of color that will bring joy into your life.

And if you still feel stumped, feel free to email us and we would be happy to help you pick out the size that is best for your space hello@shelbydillonstudio.com

For your extra large space, we offer sizes larger that 24"x30" upon special request.

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