Why Throw Pillows Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why Throw Pillows Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

November 08, 2016

Buying home decorations for someone else can be a tricky rope to walk sometimes. We totally get that. You don't want to buy something for someone's home that they are going to feel uncomfortable about or (even worse!) only bring out when you come over.

On the other hand, a thoughtfully selected gift for the home can create fantastic memories and strengthen friendships for years to come. A gift for the home that someone is happy or excited to receive can be one of the most appreciated and loved gifts you can give.

Throw Pillows are a great example of a home decoration that can bring out all of the emotions of a loved gift with none of the potential stress. A throw pillow doesn't have the permanence of something like a coffee table or small piece of furniture. A throw pillow also does not require you to dedicate shelf or mantle space to it all year.

 Pink and Blue Chinoiserie Throw Pillows

Three Reasons Throw Pillows Make Great Gifts

  •  Versatile - Throw Pillows can adorn beds, couches, chairs, benches, or even be piled up on the floor for a movie watching marathon.
  • Talking Points - Great Throw Pillows can either quietly pull your entire room together into a conversation piece or make a bold statement all on their own.
  • Flexible - Owning a healthy collection of throw pillows is like having a wardrobe for your living room. It's possible to change the entire look and feel of a room, just by swapping out a few pillows.

Blue Chinoiserie Throw Pillows

What to look for when shopping for a Throw Pillow

  • The Parts of a Throw Pillow - A pillow is often referred two by it's separate parts, the cover and the insert. Many boutiques will offer just the cover so you can buy whatever insert fits your budget elsewhere. We currently sell all of our pillows with 10/90 down inserts but may offer only covers in the future if there is significant demand.
  • Cover Fabric - Natural fibers like cotton look and feel more luxurious than polyesters. We use a 100% all natural cotton twill fabric that helps to accent and show off the designs we love to create.
  • Pillow Inserts - There are generally three kinds of pillow inserts on the market today - Polyester, 'imitation down', and inserts with a combination of natural down and feathers. Natural down inserts allow you to have that 'karate-chop' look that will allow the pillow to stand on its own. Natural down also helps absorb and dissipate heat more effectively, leading to the delightfully cool pillows that you love to hug.
  • Designs - There are nearly as many images and patterns and designs on pillows as there are pillows out there. The simple answer is to pick something you like. We prefer timeless and classic designs with enough personality to make the space uniquely your own. This personality comes through for us in bright colors, bold patterns, and hints of international influences. There are many other pillows out there that use texture, materials, and other design methods to add personality to their pillows. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer materials and extra jewelry on the pillow, the easier it is to clean.

Black and White throw pillows in a Wicker Chair

Who loves to receive Throw Pillows as a gift?

  • New Homeowners - Pillows are a great way to decorate a new home and make it 'yours' when you are just getting started.
  • Home Decor Mavens and Friends - For those people that love to change up their rooms as often as they change clothes Pillows are the perfect way to keep their home fresh and up to date.
  • Hosts - If there is someone in your life that loves to throw parties and entertain a Pillow can be a great gift because it acts as a great conversation starter during cocktail hour.

The Best Throw Pillows to give as gifts

Where to find the best new Unique Pillow Designs

We are a bit partial to our line of Pillows here at Shelby Dillon Studio. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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