Distributor - Wholesaler FAQ

Below are Shelby Dillon Studio's general Terms and Conditions. Our goal is to make these terms transparent and easily understood by all parties. If you have any questions about these terms please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum Order Requirements:

Initial Order: $250
Re-order : $100

Who can apply for a wholesale account:

You must have a valid Federal Tax ID and State Resale Tax number and successfully complete the wholesale application located on the Shelby Dillon Studio website.

Web Commerce:

No Products purchased by Distributors may be sold on 3rd party e-commerce sites (Ebay, Amazon, etc.)

Payment and Credit Terms:

Payment can be made at time of order through our wholesale order portal or over the phone with a Shelby Dillon Studio Representative (919.356.4204)

New Accounts will not be extended credit terms unless requested and account has been open at least 90 days. Terms will be discussed on a case by case basis.

A variety of shipping options are provided in the wholesale portal. Please choose the one that you prefer.

Shelby Dillon Studio takes great pride in the quality of its goods. If any of the product ordered has manufacturing or shipping damage, please notify us within 7 days of delivery for replacement product to be sent.

Shelby Dillon Studio can make no guarantee of merchantability.

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