Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts to Start the New Year Off Right

December 07, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts to Start the New Year Off Right

Are you a little worn down by this last year? Then let's get 2017 started off on the right foot! Here is a gift guide for everything you need to help inspire, plan, and celebrate the next year. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Start the New Year off Right

Holiday Gift Guide: Start the New Year off Right by shelbydillonstudio featuring gold wine glasses
  1. Powersheets for 2017 - This one product really helped change my life. It helps you distill what is really important and what you find the most meaning in, and then helps you make room for it in your life. These Powersheets help me realize the vision for Shelby Dillon Studio and understand that creating beautiful things are a fundamental part of my life. These sheets are then great because they help you figure out the WHY of your daily activities and then helps you focus on actionable tasks to get there.
  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - Okay, so full honesty here. I didn't enjoy Eat, Pray, Love. Just didn't. But reading Big Magic was amazing. This book has some wonderful insight into how to stay creatively inspired and bring color and meaning into the everyday. 
  3. Cocktail Stirrers by Shelby Dillon Studio - If you're going to start the New Year off right, then your drinks should be just as colorful as you are, right? These swizzle sticks are all hand painted and hand carved, so each is just as unique as yourself!
  4. Cheers Wineglass by Sweetwater Decor - These super fun wine glasses are a fantastic gift. Whether you have them on hand for a tough Tuesday after the kids go to bed, or in anticipation of a dinner party at your house, you can't go wrong with these.
  5. Lucite Tray by Shelby Dillon Studio - Is your vanity always a mess? I'll confess, mine is. One of these customizable vanity trays is a great way to dress up a slightly cluttered space and help get a handle on it. These trays are also great as a serving tray on a bar cart or a centerpiece on a coffee table to add just a touch of color to your life and home.
  6. Inkwell Press Livewell Planner - Once you have mapped out your big picture goals in the Powersheets, a planner like this one from Inkwell Press helps you put your big picture goals into actionable steps (and figure out laundry day and social events!). My favorite part about this planner is the paper. Inkwell Press has done a fantastic job of using heavyweight, luxury paper that won't bleed (hello fun pens!). 
  7. Do Something Awesome! Notepad by Thimblepress - For your day to day tasks and grocery lists, this notepad will help inspire you throughout the year.
  8. Inkwell Press Weekly Kickstart Planner - These great weekly planning pads really help me get my head on straight for each week. Rather than feeling tired and frazzled, I can take a look ahead and get things done in advance.
  9. Kindness Cards by Thimblepress - You can never go wrong by paying it forward to another person. Often in my darkest times I've found joy and hope by doing something very simple like giving someone a compliment they weren't expecting. These kindness cards can help you set the tone for the new year and help you give others little bits of unexpected joy.

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