How To Collect Art

How To Collect Art

October 05, 2020

How do you collect art?

This may seem like a broad question, but it's one we hear often. 

Read on for a guide to acquiring art that will fulfill your life and add more beauty to your home.

We suggest that before you begin investing in art, take some time to consider what you really love and do some research.

Consider things like:

  • What size do you need? (read more about this here)
  • What colors bring you joy? How do they fit in with your decor?
  • Are you looking for one or a few larger pieces, or many smaller artworks?
  • What is your budget - short term, and your "reach" spend?

Start by looking at art websites like artnet, artsy, artrepreneur (to name just a few), searching for art styles, movements, and colors that you like. If there is a particular artist whose work you love, like Georgia O'Keefe or Claude Monet, you can start by searching their name and from there, digging into the related artists whose work they inspired. Because let's face it - we would all love to own a Monet but very few of us will ever reach that point!

These sites are a great "broad strokes" approach to finding art you love, but what you may not find are some of the lesser known artists that better suit your taste and budget.

For that we suggest that you take some time visiting local galleries, perusing social media (instagram is a hot bed for artists!), and looking for artwork in unexpected places. Coffee shops and libraries often have local artwork on display/ for sale, and murals are often done by artists working on a smaller scale. 

When you find something that strikes a chord with you, try to get in touch with the artist. When you purchase a work of art, you are not just adding an element of interest to your home, but you are investing in an artist's career. Speaking from experience, it means the world to us to hear your feedback!

Consider what you like about it.

Are you looking for a particular subject matter? (I once knew a woman who had horse themed art throughout her house, and sought out anything that fit this theme!) Perhaps you enjoy the style it was created in, or colors that make your heart sing.

Choose art you LOVE.

We all have different tastes, and that’s what makes us unique. The most important rule in collecting art is to choose what YOU love. This will make you happiest day after day. You know that feeling when you walk by a work of art and are simply struck by it? It may be something you cannot put your finger on - a feeling, the energy, or the mood it conveys  - or it may be simpler than that.


Does the price tag of original art shock you?

Don't be deterred. There are other ways to begin your collection without breaking the bank. 

Prints are a great, affordable way to start collecting work you love.

Art Money is a new, interest-free way to buy art. With over 1200 participating galleries, you only need 10% to take a work of art home with you. You get to enjoy the work of art while you build your credit and call it your very own even as you make monthly payments on the artwork!

On the topic of credit, we recommend that you don't just buy a work of art for its monetary value. While it is possible to borrow against your art collection once it reaches a certain value, this should not be your main motivator for buying art. Think about the care and attention the artist put into creating the work of art, and try to mirror that in your art buying decisions!

Finally, there are no wrong answers. Buying art is a beautiful way to enhance your life while supporting another's career. It also makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift for loved ones. And I cannot stress this enough: Do not buy a work of art if you don't LOVE it. Once you get started, you'll find it's hard to stop!

If you are looking for new artwork to add to your home, check out our latest collection!


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