Across the coast of the Carolinas where I grew up, I was surrounded by these majestic trees. They bend and sway in the hurricanes, often twisting and showing scars, but surviving the terrible might of the storms. They show us that we can persevere and continue, despite terrible trauma. I grew up evacuating from hurricanes almost every year. As children we were allowed to bring one box of our most valued possessions, knowing we might return and lose it all. And though I've lived through hurricanes, I've witnessed my friends and family go through some of the worst storms nature can throw our way. And yet, there is always hope, and community, and family. The most important things we could ever have don't fit in a box.

To do our small part this holiday season, we are releasing "Palms with a Purpose". A portion of the proceeds will go to help those that will continue to recover from the destruction of the hurricanes this fall. I hope that we can help relieve some of the burden on our neighbors this season. Thank you again for your support.

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